I energetically pursue my passion for design and the digital arts. The self-driven evolution of my abilities has led me to quickly leap from student graphic designer to become a creative director, a graphic artist for a news station, a pre-press designer for a printing company, and a senior web designer. I continue to show enthusiasm in my approach to discover new ways to tackle a wide range of demands and mediums.

 I believe that good designers rely on their talent, but great designers are life-long learners. Learning has served as the central catalyst to my rapid development and wide array of achievements in design and digital arts. From picking up an online course on branding from Debbie Millman to learning HTML and CSS from Udemy and Treehouse, I continue to use curiosity to better my career through networking, classes, and new ideas.

I currently am the Sr. Web Designer at Legend Web Works, with nearly 20 years of experience in print and digital design. I earned my B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Youngstown State University.